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Can GitHub Copilot Replace Automation Testers?

With the explosion of AI in just about every sector of the technology industry, many mobile SDETs are asking themselves if test automation tools like GitHub Copilot will eventually put them out of a job in the future. It’s a fair question to ask given the big moves tech companies are making to incorporate AI into their processes more and more. However, it would seem that GitHub is banking big on their AI test automation tool Copilot, so the real question is “Should automation testers be worried?”

Top 10 Electronics and Products to Start the Semester Off Right

The beginning of the semester has begun for many colleges and universities, and that means getting the right tools to help you navigate your classes and late nights studying. In the digital age, these great products will help to make college life a little bit easier and on the cutting edge:

The absolute necessity of any student looking to keep track of class schedules, projects, and surfing the Internet, laptops are mobile enough to take to class, the library, or under a tree in the quad. Check

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Virtual Meetings

Microsoft Office 365 has brought in the popular video chat giant Skype to create Skype for Business, granting users the ability to talk face-to-face with anyone in their network, wherever they are. This new feature allows for virtual meetings to take place anywhere, anytime between your team members, business partners, vendors, or with customers who could be half a world away with missing a moment.

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: File Sharing

Microsoft Office 365 has made collaborating with team members and project partners easier than ever with a file sharing network that lets you work in tandem from anywhere. There is no need to continuously email changes to documents and files back and forth between team members. Living versions of your files are stored and supported in the cloud for quick and easy access by any authorized user for the best shareability of its kind.

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Microsoft Planner

Organizing your team’s efforts for completing projects together has been streamlined and simplified by Microsoft Office 365 to add all useful work management features into a single place: Microsoft Planner. The dashboard provides users with a clean interface that clearly and prominently displays tasks and communications by the project; elements of each project are kept separate so you can effectively delegate and complete tasks.

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business: Office 365 Video

Office 365 Video is changing how you communicate ideas.

Video has become an integral part of communicating messages with clients, co-workers, and partners alike, and Microsoft Office 365 helps you to tell your story with its powerful Office 365 Video suite. You can now share helpful how-to’s, corporate communications, and educational video content with your company and beyond via the Office 365 Video portal where users can discover new videos for training or view messages from other team members.

Top 13 Windows 10 Updates for December 2016

This month, Microsoft releases its Windows 10 Preview Build 14986, and it is packed with new cool features.

Microsoft launches 13 major updates for Windows 10 users just in time for the holidays to make the experience just a little merrier. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14986 comes packed with multiple new updates that improve Cortana’s functionality, support options, improved interfaces, and more. Windows 10 will be getting the following improvements:

How Cortana Can Simplify Your Windows 10 Experience

What all can Cortana do to enrich your daily activities?

If you are already a Windows 10 user, you have probably dabbled with issuing Cortana, Windows 10’s virtual personal assistant program, commands such as getting a weather report or opening an application. She is fully integrated into all aspects of Windows 10, and will soon be integrated with many Internet of Things devices to control things in your home and around the office with only your voice.

Quick Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Wondering what each of the Office 365 applications are and what they do? We’ve got you covered.

Microsoft Office 365 applications are powerful tools to help you accomplish your tasks at home, work, or school, but are you not quite sure how to use some of them? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Everyone knows the original band members—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook—but some of you may not be so familiar with the other Office 365 applications available such as Sway or Visio.

Office 365: Hidden Gem Apps to Know About

You may be familiar with the traditional Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), but these new additions can provide you with a much richer Office 365 experience.

One of the greatest advantages of having an Office 365 account over perpetual Microsoft software released every few years is access to wonderfully useful apps as they become available. Many of these newer apps have become available in only the last few years, and more still are relatively unknown to many Office 365 users.

My Choice Software: Microsoft Education Reseller

Attention Educators! Microsoft Academic product discounts are available through My Choice Software for scholastic institutions.

Productivity through Microsoft products is just as important in an academic environment as in a business one. Many schools and educational institutions use products such as Microsoft Office to complete tasks, Server to keep administrative staff and faculty all connected, and Exchange to keep the data available to those who need it.

My Choice Software is Microsoft Government Certified

Attention public sector workers! Microsoft products designed for government work are available at a discount from My Choice Software.

My Choice Software strives to provide quality software products for our customers in the public sector as well as the private sector. Governments have need of quality productivity, server, and database software more than most because of the sheer volume of requests and tasks to be completed to keep cities, states, and even countries moving forward.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 S Geared Towards Students

Designed with students and teachers in mind, Windows 10 S promises to deliver more security and performance.

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Windows 10 S, a new version of the popular Microsoft OS that alters the Windows 10 Pro formula for added security and performance. The most obvious difference between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 S is that the latter is restricted to only using apps downloaded from the Windows Store to ensure total compatibility and security.

New Surface Laptop Unveiled by Microsoft, and It’s Impressive

The new Surface laptop from Microsoft boasts power, energy efficiency, and elegant design.

Microsoft is making waves this week by introducing the world to the new Surface Laptop, and it is quite a machine. Ever since the first Surface debuted in 2012, the Surface line of products has been met with success due to its innovative design and integration of touchscreen technology and optional keyboard/trackpad combo.
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